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About our Academy

At Enterprise Academy of Martial Arts our goal is to provide the most comprehensive, age- specific Martial Arts training available in the market of San Benito County today known as SKILLZ ™. The SKILLZ ™ programs include an international evolution of martial arts, fitness and educational training that targets the age-specific needs in children. We’ve taken the coolest parts of Martial Arts from a variety of styles (listed under the Classes section) and combined them into action packed curriculums that help children build skills that they can apply into every area of life. This means children ages 3 and up will have an absolute blast in their martial arts classes while learning valuable skills that enable them to be the best they can possibly be.

We also offer cutting edge adult training programs. First our mixed martial arts system that combines various martial arts into a complete and dynamic system; and our full Jeet Kune Do/Filipino martial arts program. Both programs are strategically designed to help adults get in better shape while building a solid foundation in skills and abilities associated with Martial Arts. Our highly trained staff is dedicated to providing classes that are results-driven, while at the same time, a lot of fun!

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We want to thank San Benito County for making us the #1 choice in child development and martial arts! 🙏🏼

Both our Early SKILLZ (ages 3-4) and Basic SKILLZ (ages 5-6) are now at full capacity and have wait lists. If you would like to get on these waitlists, you can call or text us at 831-638-9384.

Ages 7-11 and our teen/adult programs are currently open for enrollment but space is VERY limited until we close those as well – most likely sometime this month. We do this to keep our classes at a certain size and can service our members at the highest level.

Early SKILLZ (Ages 3-4) Children ages 3 and 4 will be able to try a free evaluation lesson before they’re able to start classes. The purpose of this evaluation lesson is to make sure your child can follow basic commands and instructions, as well as be able to go thru and demonstrate some of the SKILLZ drills we do in classes. As long as they’re able to do this to the best of their ability, they may move forward with enrollment. If for some reason this is challenging for them, we will be glad to try out the evaluation lesson again in a few months.

Children ages 5- 11 will be able to try a free age appropriate introductory lesson, where we will show them some basic martial arts moves that they would be doing on a consistent basis in class (basic boxing and kicking) as well as learning some basic Martial Arts life skills. by the end of this lesson, your child will know if they will be enjoying the class or not (99% of children will!) and from there we would move forward to enrollment.

All ages 12 and above will also have an introductory lesson similar to the one above for their age group.

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Welcome to our Martial Arts Academy! We offer classes for both adults and children. New students may register upon program availability due to waitlists.

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Monday -Thursday: 3:30pm-8:15pm
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817 Industrial Dr #F, Hollister, CA 95023
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